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 Welcome to the Faroe Islands, May 2007 Minimize

We warmly welcome you to Tòrshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, in the heart of the North Atlantic. You will experience a unique culture and a breath-taking environment. Modern hotels and conference facilities will be at our disposal, and some unique social events are being planned.

The conference will focus on fetal and early postnatal development as the most vulnerable stages of human life, in regard to adverse effects of environmental hazards. Recent research has revealed that subtle effects during early development can lead to functional deficits and increased disease risks later in life. This “fetal programming” hypothesis has gathered much support from both experimental and epidemiological studies. Substantial evidence now suggests that the prenatal and early postnatal environment is of crucial importance for gene expression, thereby affecting normal development and disease risks through adult life.

This thriving research area is likely to expand in the future, with substantial implications for public health. We look forward to a conference that will help set the stage for future accomplishments in this field

Philippe Grandjean and Pál Weihe

Conference Co-Chairs


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