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Conference schedule

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Sunday, 20 May




15:00-18:00  Conference secretariat at the Nordic Conference Centre



Opening of the conference



Organizers and sponsors Welcome and opening statements
16:15-16:40 1. Pal Weihe (Faroe Islands)
The Faroe Islands in biomedical research

[ Slides ]
16:40-17:05   2. Jerrold J Heindel (USA)
Experimental support for the fetal basis paradigm

[ Slides ]  [ Article ]
17:05-17:30 3. Philippe Grandjean (Denmark)
Late insights into early origins of disease

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17:30-19:00 Welcome by Prime Minister Jóannes Eidesgaard Followed by reception hosted by Minister of Health Hans Pauli Strøm



 Monday, 21 May


Perspective of developmental origin of disease

Chairs: Roberto Bertollini (WHO) and Philip J. Landrigan (USA)



8:30-9:00       4. Mark Hanson (United Kingdom)
Developmental origins of health and disease – new insights

[ Article ]
9:00-9:30 5. Beate Ritz (USA)
Air pollution and adverse pregnancy outcomes

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9:30-10:00 6. Bruce Lanphear (USA)
Role of environmental toxicants in the developmental origin of learning and behavioural problems
10:00-10:30 Refreshments and poster exhibition




Endocrine disruption

Chairs: Frederick vom Saal (USA) and Tina Kold Jensen (Denmark)


10:30-11:00    7. Deborah Cory-Slechta (USA)
Impact of early lead exposure on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function

[ Article ]

8. Niels E. Skakkebæk (Denmark)
Mechanisms and implications of testicular dysgenesis

[ Article ]


9. Greet Schoeters (Belgium)
Abnormalities of puberty development

[ Article ]

12:00-13:30 Buffet lunch and poster exhibition



Methodological issues

Chairs: Irva Hertz-Picciotto (USA) and Staffan Skerfving (Sweden)


13:30-14:00    10. George Davey-Smith (United Kingdom)
sing Mendelian randomization to assess maternal effects on offspring outcomes

[ Article ]
14:00-14:20 11. Jos Kleinjans (The Netherlands)
xposure-disease continuum in neonates of mothers exposed to carcinogens

[ Article ]
14:20-14:40 12. Esben Budtz-Jørgensen (Denmark)
Risks and benefits of seafood intake in regard to neurobehavioural development
14:40-15:00 13. David Bellinger (USA)
Variability in late outcomes: Reducing uncertainty

[ Article ]
15:00-15:30 Refreshments and poster exhibition (authors present)



Developmental exposure assessment

Chairs: Åke Bergmann (Sweden) and Beate Ritz (France)


15:30-16:00    14. Larry L. Needham (USA)
Assessment of developmental toxicant exposures via biomonitoring

[ Article ]
16:00-16:30 15. Robert Wright (USA)
Application of exposure biomarkers to determine windows of developmental susceptibility
16:30-17:00 16. Marie Vahter (Sweden)
Late effects of early exposure to arsenic

[ Article ]
17:30-19:00 Reception hosted by Mayor of Tórshavn Heðin Mortensen



Tuesday, 22 May


Congenital predisposition to developmental toxicity

Chairs: Brenda Eskenazi (USA) and Peter van den Hazel (The Netherlands)



8:30-9:00       17. Sylvaine Cordier (France)
Evidence for a role of paternal exposures

[ Article ]
9:00-9:30 18. Reiko Kishi (Japan)
Exploiting gene-environment interactions

[ Article ]
9:30-9:45 19. Katarzyna Kordas (USA)
Tibia lead, folate, MTHFR genotype and birth weight

[ Slides ]
9:45-10:00   20. Aleksander Giwercman (Sweden)
Androgen receptor gene CAG repeat length as modifier of toxicant effects on semen
10:00-10:15 Refreshment (short break)




Impact of nutrition on early development

Chairs: Deborah Cory-Slechta (USA) and Sjurdur F. Olsen (Denmark)


10:15-10:30    21. Lisbeth E. Knudsen (Denmark)
Is the human placental barrier protective against environmental exposures?

22. Caroline McMillen (Australia)
Maternal, embryonic and fetal nutrition and the programming of obesity

[ Article ]

11:00-11:30 23. Frederick S. vom Saal (USA)
Developmental factors in adult obesity

[ Slides ]  [ Article ]
11:30-11:45 24. Allan Vaag (Denmark)
Impact of the intrauterine environment on key metabolic defects involved in the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes
12:00 Transportation by bus to Tórshavn harbour
12:30-17:30 Ferry excursion with buffet and poster exhibition




Wednesday, 23 May


Developmental origins of cancer

Chairs: Jerrold J Heindel (USA) and Marie Vahter (Sweden)


8:30-9:00       25. Gail S Prins (USA)
Neonatal bisphenol A exposure alters the prostate epigenome and increases cancer risk

[ Article ]
9:00-9:30 26. Ana M Soto (USA)
Does breast cancer start in the womb?

[ Article ]
9:30-10:00 27. Morando Soffritti (Italy)
Consequences of developmental exposure to carcinogens

[ Article ]
10:00-10:30 Refreshments and poster exhibition




Immune function development

Chairs: Birger Heinzow (Germany) and Bruce Lanphear (USA)


10:30-11:00     28. Irva Hertz-Picciotto (USA)
Effects of prenatal exposures to persistent and non-persistent organic compounds on immune system development

[ Article ]
11:00-11:20 29. John Barnett (USA)
Immune function following exposure to atrazine

[ Article ]
11:20-11:40 30. Carsten Heilmann (Denmark)
Reduced antibody responses to vaccinations in children exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls

[ Slides ]
11:40-12:00 31. Anders Glynn (Sweden)
Influence of dioxins and PCBs on markers of immune function and respiratory infections in Swedish infants 
12:00-13:30 Buffet lunch and poster exhibition
13:30-15:00 Two parallel sessions




Endocrine disruption

Chairs: David Gee (EEA) and Greet Schoeters (Belgium)


13:30-13:45    32. Tyrone Hayes (USA)
Endocrine disruptors and early development
13:45-14:00 33. Gerhard Winneke (Germany)
Environmental PHAHs as developmental toxicants
14:00-14:15 34. Adrienne Ettinger (USA)
Maternal hair arsenic and risk of gestational diabetes
14:15-14:30 35. Helle Raun Andersen (Denmark)
Reproductive development in sons of female Greenhouse workers
14:30-14:45 36. Tina Kold Jensen (Denmark)
Fertility treatment and reproductive health of male offspring
14:45-15:00 37. Leo Van der Ven (The Netherlands)
Endocrine disruption in rat and zebrafish of TBBPA

[ Slides ]




Exposures to seafood contaminants

Chairs: Thomas W. Clarkson (USA) and Sylvaine Cordier (France)


13:30-13:45    38. Sandra Ceccatelli (Sweden)
Developmental exposure to methylmercury alters neurotrophin expression in male mice
13:45-14:00 39. Sean Strain (United Kingdom)
Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and mercury
14:00-14:15 40. Wieslaw Jedrychowski (Poland)
Fish consumption during pregnancy, mercury exposure and neurobehavioural development in infancy
14:15-14:30 41. Nicolas van Larebeke (Belgium)
Environmental toxicants and development in toddlers
14:30-14:45 42. Tomas Trnovec (Slovakia)
Hearing impairment in children exposed to PCBs
14:45-15:00 43. Emily Oken (USA)
Prenatal fish, mercury and age 3 cognition
15:00-15:30 Refreshments and poster exhibition (authors present)
13:30-15:00 Two parallel sessions




Neurobehavioral dysfunction

Chairs: David Bellinger (USA) and Katsuyuki Murata (Japan)


15:30-15:45    44. Didima De Groot (The Netherlands)
Maternal diet and exposure susceptibility of offspring
15:45-16.00 45. Roberto Lucchini (Italy)
Is manganese another neurodevelopmental toxicant?

[ Slides ]
16:00-16:15 46. Nadia Abdelouahab (Canada)
Monoamine oxidase activity in placenta and environmental manganese exposure

16:15-16:30 47. Larissa Takser (Canada)
Calcium pump activity in relation mercury and lead exposures in term newborns
16:30-16:45 48. Matteo Bonzini (Italy)
Neonatal TSH and maternal TCDD exposure in Seveso


49. Julie Kable (USA)
Prenatal alcohol exposure and math disability: investigating the cognitive components of the deficit




Effects of prenatal exposures

Chairs: Terry Huang (USA) and Gail S. Prins (USA)


15:30-15:45     50. Lise Dubois (Canada)
Smoking in pregnancy and children's body weight
15:45-16:00 51. Jordi Julvez (Spain)
Maternal smoking habits and cognitive development of children at age four years in a population based birth cohort

[ Slides ]
16:00-16:15 52. Claire Coles (USA)
The impact of maternal smoking on fast auditory brainstem responses and early language development
16:15-16:30 53. Jens Peter Bonde (Denmark)
Prenatal tobacco exposure and semen quality

[ Slides ]
16:30-16:45 54. Merete Eggesbø (Norway)
Hexachlorobenzene and risk of small for gestational age
16:45-17:00 55. Kate Atherton (United Kingdom)
Fetal tobacco exposure and adult cardiovascular disease risk


 Optional excursion by bus and boat to Vestmannabjørgini (bird cliffs and grottos)




Thursday, 24 May


Neurotoxic exposures and functional assessment

Chairs:  Larry Needham (USA) and Caroline McMillen (Australia)


8:30-8:45      56. Birger Heinzow (Germany)
Exposure assessment by milk biomonitoring
[ Slides ]
8:45-9:15 57. Gail Wasserman (USA)
Developmental impacts of heavy metals and nutrition

[ Slides ]  [ Article ]
9:15-9:45 58. Brenda Eskenazi (USA)
Pesticide toxicity to the developing brain

[ Article ]
9:45-10:00 59. Raul Harari (Ecuador)
Combined effects of prenatal pesticide exposure and malnutrition in developing countries
10:00-10:30 Refreshments and poster exhibition




Societal issues in developmental origins of disease

Chairs:  Kim Brøsen (Denmark) and Pal Weihe (Faroe Islands)


10:30-11:00    60. Philip J. Landrigan (USA)
Do early environmental exposures contribute to neurodegenerative disease in later life?
11:00-11:15 61. David Gee (Denmark)
Evaluating environmental impacts on health: A sufficiency of evidence for action

[ Article ]
11:15-11:30 62. Carl F. Cranor (USA)
The legal failure to prevent sub-clinical toxicity

[ Article ]
11:30-11:45 63. Sandrine Blanchemanche (France)
Communication about environmental hazards
11:45-12:00 64. Philippe Grandjean (Denmark)
Conference conclusions
12:30-14:00 Buffet lunch at the Faroese Museum of Art












List of posters and presenting authors



Experimental approaches


1.     Leo van der Ven (The Netherlands)

        In vitro tests for developmental toxicity testing
[ Poster ]


2.     Didima De Groot (The Netherlands)

        Stem cell based assay for in vitro developmental neurotoxicity testing
[ Poster ]


3.     Tina Mose (Denmark)

        Human placental passage of phthalate monoesters


4.     Didima De Groot (The Netherlands)

        Safety testing: Interval scale to test development of rats
[ Poster ]


5.     Didima De Groot (The Netherlands)

        Cost-effective stereology in developmental toxicity
[ Poster ]


6.     Jan Ludvig Lyche (Norway)

        Developmental and reproductive toxicity of natural mixtures of POPs in zebrafish


7.     Mineshi Sakamoto (Japan)

Effects of spike exposure of methylmercury on mercury accumulation and neuronal degeneration in the brain


8.     Timothy Maher (USA)

        Neurotoxicity of early-life manganese exposure in rats


9.     Francesca Maranghi (Italy)

        Chlorpyrifos hypothalamic alteration in developing mice
[ Poster ]


10.   Karin Sørig Hougaard (Denmark)

        Effects of prenatal exposure to diesel particles in mice
[ Poster ]


11.   Hugues Jacobs (France)

        TCDD requires retinoic acid to induce cleft palate


12.   Thuri Kledal (Denmark)

        The minipig in embryofetal toxicity studies
[ Poster ]


13.   Nathalie Bonvallot (France)

        Use of benchmark doses for reprotoxic chemicals
[ Poster ]





Exposure assessment


14.   William Funk (USA)

        Exposure biomarkers in newborn dried blood spots
[ Poster ]


15.   Larissa Takser (Canada)

Organochlorine exposure and pregnancy: The role of maternal body mass index, weight gain and fish consumption

[ Poster ]


16.   Lubica Palkovicova (Slovakia)

        Maternal amalgam dental fillings and mercury exposure in newborn


17.   Mineshi Sakamoto (Japan)

Segmental hair mercury concentrations during gestation and their correlations among baby hair, maternal blood and cord blood mercury levels at parturition


18.   Hiroshi Satoh (Japan)

        Hair mercury concentration and hair treatment


19.   Marin Strøm (Denmark)

        Covariate structures of fish intake in the Danish National Birth Cohort


20.   Philippe Verger (France)

Methyl mercury exposure of pregnant women consuming fish in French western coastal area (Coral study)
[ Poster ]


21.   Philippe Verger (France)

Kinetic dietary exposure model: Integration of half-life of methylmercury in humans for modelling long term dietary exposure
[ Poster ]


22.   Rebecca Lincoln (USA)

        Magnitude and sources of methylmercury exposure
among recreational anglers in coastal Louisiana

[ Poster ]


23.   Hiroshi Satoh (Japan)

        Perinatal exposure to methylmercury and PCBs in Japan


24.   Hae-Kwan Cheong (Korea)

        Factors related to mercury exposure in pregnancy


25.   Ondine von Ehrenstein (USA)

        Approach to improve timing of early exposure in retrospect


26.   Per M. Roos (Norway)

        Metals in cerebrospinal fluid - a diagnostic tool
[ Poster ]


27.   Larry Needham (USA)

        Serum concentrations of polyfluoroalkyl compounds in Faroe Islands residents


28.   Rémy Slama (France)

        Assessment of exposure to environmental toxicants in the Eden mother-child cohort


29.   Maxine Bonham (UK)

        Assessment of dietary intake in Seychelles


30.   Niccolo Giovannini (Italy)

        Recommendations on dietary fat intake in pregnancy
[ Poster ]

31.   Philip Hjelmborg (Denmark)

SPE-HPLC purification of endocrine disrupting compounds from human serum for assessment of xenoestrogenic activity
[ Poster ]


32.   Eva Bonefeld-Jørgensen (Denmark)

        Serum xenohormone activity of Europeans and Inuits
[ Poster ]


33.   Thorhallur Ingi Halldorsson (Denmark)

Estimation exposure to dioxin and dioxin-like compounds from seafood and other dietary sources using a bioassay method






Effects of developmental exposures


34.   Helle Margrete Meltzer (Norway)

        New generis - an ongoing subproject in the Norwegian mother and child cohort study (MoBa)


35.   Stéphanie Vandentorren (France)

        Growing in France: the Elfe birth cohort
[ Poster ]


36.   Gunnar Toft (Denmark)

        Fetal development and exposure to PCB and DDE
[ Poster ]


37.   Julie Wallace (UK)

        Determinants of homocysteine in pregnancy


38.   Niccolo Giovannini (Italy)

        Lipid profile in IUGR with/without preeclampsia
[ Poster ]


39.   Eun-Young Park (Korea)

        Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke for fetal lipid peroxidation


40.   Peter Rudnai (Hungary)

        Fetal exposure to air pollution and low birth weight


41.   Marie Pedersen (Denmark)

        Micronuclei in families exposed to air pollution
[ Poster ]


42.   Manhai Long (Denmark)

Relation between serum xenobiotic induced receptor activities and DNA damage and sperm apoptotic markers in European and Inuit populations
[ Poster ]


43.   Yvonne L. Giwercman (Sweden)

Extremely low incidence of hypospadias in the highly POP exposed population in Greenland: possible protective effect of androgen receptor genotype


44.   Helene Evstafyeva (Ukraine)

        Physiological role of urban pollutants at different stages of human development


45.   Janja Jan (Slovenia)

        Dental defects in Faroese children exposed to PCBs


46.   Rima Naginiene (Lithuania)

        Low-level blood lead and anaemia in infants
[ Poster ]


47.   Katarzyna Kordas (USA)

        DAT 9-repeat allele, prenatal lead and child development

[ Poster ]

48.   David Cantonwine (USA)

Haemochromatosis genotype modification of lead biomarker effects upon infant neurodevelopment
[ Poster ]


49.   Eva Sovcikova (Slovakia)

        Exposure to PCB and neurodevelopment of children


50.   Anna L. Choi (USA)

        Reproducibility of neonatal behavioural assessments
[ Poster ]


51.   Jordi Julvez (Spain)

        Exposure to hexachlorobenzene during pregnancy and social behaviour at 4 years of age
[ Poster ]


52.   Olivier Boucher (Canada)

        Fetal PCB and methylmercury effects on P300 at 5 years of age
[ Poster ]


53.   Esben Budtz-Jørgensen (Denmark)

        Joint analysis of developmental neurotoxicity in two cohorts using structural equation analysis
[ Poster ]


54.   Katsuyuki Murata (Japan)

        Neurophysiological measures of developmental and chronic exposure to methylmercury
[ Poster ]


55.   Frodi Debes (Denmark)

Functional imaging examination of adolescents with different levels of developmental neurotoxicant exposures
[ Poster ]


56.   Robert Wright (USA)

        Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical response predicts IgE expression in pregnancy


57.   Robert Wright (USA)

        Childhood trauma and cortisol levels in pregnancy


58.   Robyn Lucas (Australia)

        Prenatal vitamin D and chronic disease: a review
[ Poster ]


59.   Merete Osler (Denmark)

        Birth weight and coronary heart disease among Danish men
[ Poster ]


60.   Maria Skaalum Petersen (Denmark)

        Impact of prenatal and postnatal exposure to food contaminants on the risk of Parkinson’s disease
[ Poster ]




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